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What's IT About?

wait. on second thought, don't tell me.
can you just make it work?

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We're partnering with our fellow tri-state businesses, creating opportunities for growth, and doing our best to build a reputation of reliability
(spreading joy throughout the land)
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Healthcare, Insurance, Worker's Comp, Paid Vacation, Overtime, Training... Hiring an IT guy is expensive. Outsourcing to RBG, let's just say you're going to need a bigger piggy bank.

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With the cost of employing a full-time IT guy, you may only be able to afford one. Maybe part time. With RBG, you get the support of a whole team - like your own IT department.

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Our helpdesk can work directly with your employees to resolve their issues, without having to bother you. We document the solutions - helpful for future reference.

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RBG offers exclusive coverage & replacement plans for your Hard Drives, or even for whole Computer Systems. If a covered device fails, we'll replace it. Free.

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There are probably IT tools out there that could make your work easier, but you don't know how to find them. RBG can do the research for you - we know all the right questions to ask.

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Our prime directive: we aren't succeeding unless you are. We want to be a part of the team helping you reach and exceed goals you set for your business. Queue the montage.

Hacking Skills.

We're like that friend who "fixes things" and "knows people" - but for your business and not shady. Maybe that isn't the best analogy.
I'm Intrigued
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figuring stuff out
so you don't have to
the only bad idea is a bad idea
turning it off and back on again
it really works
explaining it
to you, in english
plans change
if it aint broke...
typing stuff
in cool black boxes

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Have you tried turning it off and back on again? Need more information? Just want to chat? Listen, call us any time. Seriously. Don't wake the baby, though.
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