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RBG offers a flexible variety of service contracts, from "Pay As You Go" to Small Business, to Annual Service agreements. Let's build a perfect plan together.

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Tech Support.

Experience gives our team an edge in solving IT quandaries. Our technicians are seasoned at offering multi-platform assistance.

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Cyber Security.

Is your data protected? Is your technology secure? Only half of IT professionals believe their organization's data is adequately protected.

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Coverage Plans.

RBG offers exclusive technology coverage options to its clients. We don't know of any other IT companies offering comparable services.

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Website Management.

RBG offers website hosting & management services, and affordable packages. Should your site go down, we will make sure it is back online right away.

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Database Administration.

Your database shouldn’t get in the way of your work, it should be a tool you can leverage to take your business to new heights – and with RBG it can be.

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What's it like having no IT support? It's like Batman without Alfred. Like Iron Man without Jarvis. It's like you without RBG. See what I did there?

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Custom Computers.

RBG can build fully custom computers, designed to fit your specific situation. Only what you need, no “bloatware” bogging the system down.

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Web Design.

50% of online sales are lost due to a failure in basic usability principles and because visitors can’t find content. Only half of businesses have websites. Which half are you in?

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Account Management.

We deal with all those user accounts, passwords, security questions, and settings, so you don't have to. Liberated, you pick up a new hobby.

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Data Protection.

Your data is essential to keeping your business running. Losing it could be catastrophic. Expensive to recover at best; at worst, impossible. Remember what they say - an ounce of prevention...

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Data Recovery.

Oops. It's all gone, and you didn't have a backup. Shame on you. There may still be hope, if you're lucky. Ask us about data recovery options.

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Equipment installation and networking - we're not afraid to get our hands dirty. Insulation in our hair. A little sheet-rock dust never hurt anyone. Making cables? Child's play.

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You're not a cookie cutter operation. You need applications that work for you - built to your exacting specifications. Software that practically reads your mind. Okay.

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Your team knows their stuff. But you're growing so fast, it's hard to get the new guys up to speed. Or maybe you could all use a refresher. Learn a few shortcuts. Work smart, not hard.

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You need faster equipment. Newer, better software. You could go online and start browsing, but aint nobody got time for that. Let us head up the search. We'll fetch you the best solution.