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You need faster equipment. Something that can keep up with the new versions of your main programs. You want to virtualize, whatever that means. You want a computer that doesn't have a conniption fit every time you try to open Outlook.

You know what a solved Rubik's Cube looks like, but you don't know the right moves. What in the world is a LL Permutation, anyway? Let RBG solve it. We like puzzles.


You want newer, better software. You could go online and consult the hive-mind. But why waste your time on such lowly tasks? Let us head up the search. We'll fetch you the best solution.

We'll come back and deliver the best options for you, and do everything we can to facilitate the decision. Before you squeeze the trigger, we'll make sure all the ducks have bright red bullseye's painted on them.

What Where.

You call a couple vendors, and then you're in their systems and every few days it's more follow-up calls and reminder emails. Then other vendors catch on and start badgering you too. Forget all that. and let us field the calls.

Turn us loose on a task and before you know it you'll find us at the foot of a tree, barking up at the solution. Actually, we'll compile our findings and present them concisely, using attractive charts and graphs when necessary.

We are happy to supply any further information you may need. Please feel free to call us any time. We look forward to serving you!Joshua Russell

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