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“It's still true that even in a high tech sector, your weakest point is your users. Ensure that all employees are being careful -
(hire a company full of sysadmins! :D) or TRAIN them to be better.”Lisa Lyons, Network/Systems Admin

It's People.

It's downright simple to scan the internet for email addresses from your company domain. From there it's baby steps to social networks like LinkedIn, connecting your employees with their work history and interests.

You like Starbucks, eh? Suppose you get an email coupon for a free Venti Caramel Macchiato with Breve and an extra shot of Espresso? Looks legit, sounds great. CLICK. Oh crud...

Social Engineering takes advantage of many companies' biggest weakness - their employees.


Make the wrong guy mad, and all of a sudden no one can get to your website. Emails aren't coming through. Your users are flooded with spam.

A disgruntled employee quits, and they decide to take their frustration out on your network. They have backdoor access, and you didn't notice. Wait, where did all of this year's files go?

Your company is subject to data and system security requirements you didn't know about, and suddenly you are hit with severe fines or even shut down for failure to comply.

Is Your Tech Secure?

Many organizations aren't conducting regular security audits or updating security practices to help protect against worldwide increase in security breaches.

Ransomware and cyber-weapon outbreaks are on the increase world-wide. Do your employees know how to avoid falling for Phishing attacks?

Do you know what steps to take in the event of a Ransomware attack, to prevent it spreading through your network, or to your clients?

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