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Data Protection.

The Facts.

Only half of IT professionals believe their organization's data is adequately protected and consider IT security a top priority.

About three-quarters of IT pros consider their organizations at risk for technology, IT security, and man-made disasters or incidents.

Almost 60% also believe their organization is not adequately investing in IT security.

Is Your Data Protected?

Equipment fails. Natural disasters and freak accidents happen. Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Is your data backed up? How long would it take you to recover from your backups if your systems failed? Is your data backed up in more than one place? Could a single disastrous incident destroy your data and your backups?

Why should you have to worry about these questions? Why not let us instead?

Have a Plan.

If your data is just sitting on your computer, with no backups, you get an F. If it's backed up to an external hard drive plugged in to your computer, you get a D. Your mom's going to chew you out for grades like that.

How about a file server backing up to a RAID configured NAS synchronizing continuously to an offsite disaster recovery datacenter? You're getting there.

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