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At RBG we're not afraid to get our hands dirty. Insulation in our hair. A little sheet-rock dust never hurt anyone. Making cables? Child's play. We're happy to go the distance to pull those wires through the nooks and crannies, under crawl-spaces and over drop-ceilings.

Well managed cables make us happy. There's a label on our label-maker. Our desks are thoroughly knelled. We're weird like that. Mr. Monk would be proud.


Your team relies on your network. To work like a well-oiled machine, they need to be able to collaborate seamlessly. Slow connections can hamper their productivity, and if they can't reliably reach the other devices on your network, they can't perform their work consistently.

RBG can design your network to maximize availability and ensure your bandwidth is being distributed efficiently.

Your Domain.

Your sales team needs to quickly pull client files. Your interns need limited access. Janice needs the Miller project files. You need to control who sees your accounting data.

Onboarding new employees and setting up new equipment should be painless. Changes to software or system configuration need to be deployed across your network with minimal effort. RBG knows the way.

We are happy to supply any further information you may need. Please feel free to call us any time. We look forward to serving you!Joshua Russell

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