This is a test (or not?)

hand pressing red button

On Saturday, January 13, 2018 “Someone clicked the wrong thing on the computer,” an official from the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency later stated. It caused a major reaction. Panic. Anxiety. Millions of people believed they, or loved ones, may soon be experiencing their last day on earth. Whew! A mistake occurred during a shift-change drill that takes place three times … Read More

Meltdown and Spectre – Time to Panic?

CPU Meltdown

You may have heard about the two big vulnerabilities announced last week. Meltdown affects Intel and some ARM processors, and Spectre affects nearly every modern processor around. What does this mean to your home or small business systems? Well, hopefully, nothing. These vulnerabilities are currently pretty technically difficult to exploit, so for now, unless there’s a really good reason a … Read More

An Efficient New Year

With the flip of a calendar page, either on your kitchen wall or digitally your smart device, a new year usually brings new goals or resolutions. Of course, one can resolve to make positive changes at any time of the year. So, a fresh start or outlook in a few key areas can make life and business flow much more … Read More

Ransomware – Not Petya – What You Can Do

UPDATE – This malware has now come to be considered a Cyberweapon, and not Ransomware, in that it appears the intent was never to restore victims’ data. Please, if you are infected, do not attempt to pay – your data will not be restored. If you’re following the news you may have heard that a really nasty ransomware worm has … Read More

It’s that time again…

Yep, time to change those passwords again. Don’t worry, you’re probably not in trouble yet, but the sooner you make sure you are secure, the better. Here’s a tech-crunch article with the details. Those Russians… Joshua RussellJosh is the President and CEO of Russell Browning Group Consultants, LLC. He is a social and business entrepreneur, an IT Director, and a … Read More

Got Heartbleed?

You’ve heard about the “heartbleed” bug by now. Concerned? If you’ve taken my advice and started using LastPass as your password manager, you’ve got nothing to worry about, since LastPass encrypts your data before transferring it. If you haven’t, might I suggest you take this opportunity to start using LastPass? Head over to their website and take the “LastPass Security … Read More

Multi-factor Authentication’s New Home

Internet Security

I’m a bit of a security enthusiast, and when it comes to keeping my online accounts secure, I jump on every chance I get to use Multi-factor authentication. The idea is your account is not only secured by something you know, your password, but also by something you have. In most cases, probably your phone. I use Google’s excellent Authenticator … Read More

Google’s Big Plans

BuyNLarge logo

This article about Google’s recent acquisitions sheds some light on the direction the tech-giant is bounding. I’ve long been predicting Google would be a pioneer in developing technologies that move us from “wearable tech” to “Neuromancer-esque” cybernetic/bionic enhancements. Google Glass being their first swing at the former, and their new contact lens a prime example of the latter. They are … Read More

Sending Secret Messages

Lockify Logo

You need to share a password or other sensitive information with a client, but they don’t use lastpass. Here’s a good way to handle the situation: Lockify lets you send encrypted messages via unique links. You can secure the message even further with a password or secret question – and you have the option to have the message expire after a certain … Read More


My friend Thomas just told me about this really awesome phone – Phonebloks. Check it out after the jump –   I love seeing this sort of platform innovation – totally inspirational – it gets my creative juices flowing. This could be the foundation for a new era of product design, and now they’re harnessing the power of crowd-sourcing to … Read More