Google’s Big Plans

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This article about Google’s recent acquisitions sheds some light on the direction the tech-giant is bounding. I’ve long been predicting Google would be a pioneer in developing technologies that move us from “wearable tech” to “Neuromancer-esque” cybernetic/bionic enhancements. Google Glass being their first swing at the former, and their new contact lens a prime example of the latter. They are fleshing out their tech empire with Android phones, Chromebooks, Chromecast, autonomous cars… I can see these technologies being brought together using a cloud based “personal assistant” quasi-AI, delivering a ubiquitous, ultra convenient personalized tech experience. Iron Man fans, think Jarvis. Google Now has taken the stage as the first incarnation of this universal user interface – I’m looking forward to saying, “Ok Google, pull my car around.”

Home automation is clearly part of the roadmap for Google, and again, with their ever-growing banks of information gleaned from Google+, Google Maps, user interactions with their phones, searches, etc. etc. Google has situated itself in a prime position, giving themselves a unique advantage of the competition. It won’t be difficult for them to integrate their “Internet of Things” acquisitions with their existing framework – for example: “Ok Google, it feels a little cold in here.” …and your Nest thermostat kicks the heat on.

Rosie the Robot

While I’m not the first person who grew up watching the Jetsons to ask, “Where’s my flying car?” it looks much more likely that if Google has anything to do with it, Rosie is probably coming first. There are too many sic-fi stories & films to reference here, so I’ll spare you that list. However, do go check out Robot & Frank, for an interesting exploration of the robot-as-caretaker scenario.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: you’ve seen “Wall-E,” right? Google, they’re “Buy-n-Large”