Google’s Big Plans

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This article about Google’s recent acquisitions sheds some light on the direction the tech-giant is bounding. I’ve long been predicting Google would be a pioneer in developing technologies that move us from “wearable tech” to “Neuromancer-esque” cybernetic/bionic enhancements. Google Glass being their first swing at the former, and their new contact lens a prime example of the latter. They are … Read More


My friend Thomas just told me about this really awesome phone – Phonebloks. Check it out after the jump –   I love seeing this sort of platform innovation – totally inspirational – it gets my creative juices flowing. This could be the foundation for a new era of product design, and now they’re harnessing the power of crowd-sourcing to … Read More

Watch This…

By now you’ve probably seen the Samsung commercial, connecting the delightful dots between every communicator-watch we remember from movies and shows we love – (Video Since Removed) I get the appeal of the smart-watch as a cheaper, less creepy alternative to Glass, or similar products, but I have to wonder – is the “smart-watch” a product consumers really want? Would you … Read More

Is this what you imagined Siri looks like?

iPhone users,  if you’re anything like us, or Raj, you may have fallen for Siri’s calm, helpful robot voice, or some of her witty comebacks… But is this what you imagined Siri looks like? Check out the article from cnet. Joshua RussellJosh is the President and CEO of Russell Browning Group Consultants, LLC. He is a social and business entrepreneur, an … Read More